Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jared Leaves on Saturday!!! And Frank Sinatra is terrific...

For Brazil. And I won't see him til after I graduate. WEIRD. That makes it seem longer. AAH!! I don't know if I'm ready for this. He's only 14 and he's gonna be gone for practically a year! Ugh.
On the good side though...There will be less teen friction in the house...unless Andre turns out to be a jerk, of which I highly doubt he'll be one.
I just discovered that I really like Paramore. Their song "The Only Exception" is tremendous and I just learned how to play it on the guitar. FUN. Also, I'm a little obsessed with Francis Albert Sinatra (:D) and I've read two of his biographies and didn't read the unauthorized one by the girl who just writes trash about him "being in the mafia." HE WAS NOT IN THE MAFIA, PEOPLE. Merg! He KNEW people in the mafia and back then lots of people knew Mafia members and they didn't have to be involved. Anyway. If you ever want a good read, check out "Why Sinatra Matters" by Pete somebody. It was really good. :)


  1. Our Exchange student from Brazil!! He's a sophmore and very awesome. We talk on facebook.