Monday, June 8, 2009


Yay! It's summer! It's been pretty good so far...I sold a bunch of cherries for money and I also get dough for doing extra work around the house. I get 6 bucks an hour and 3 dollars a pound. One of my new projects is to make an arrangement of songs for Daniel on projectplaylist before he comes home. It's pretty fun. He wants to have a movie marathon when he comes home of all the good movies that have come out after he left. I decided that he had to catch up on music too! I mean, you're missin' a lot of stuff when your in a 3rd worldish country for 2 years. Charles comes home next week and our family is really excited. so are the Bullochs, of course. We've been planning lots of get-togethers. The Friday after Charles gets home, we're having a pool party/bbq! Can't wait! I'm going to go see "Up" tonight with Josh and maybe some other people, if we can convince them to come! Whopee! Well, that's all that I can think of for now!
More quotes:

Caitlin: The topic is "at the circus"
Christine: ...I'm a freak!!

Jenna: What is a 'symbiotic relationship'?
Christine: umm...?
Jenna: Pretty much any relationship between two living things--
Christine: Like a cat...and a rock?

Jenna: I have pizza at my house...the cooking kind...the kind you cook.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Quotes of the day...

1. Katie: Karl's nephew is so cute!

Jenna: Which side is he on? ...Wait. Dumb question. Nephews aren't on sides!

2. Marissa: mmm...smells like 'Eco'! Is that you Jenna?

Jenna: No. When you see me you just that...

The Begining

Welcome to Jenna Lyn Worwood's new blog! This is the just the start of my adventures of blogging and quoting, so enjoy!! :D