Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello 2012...and zits...

So Shannon and I pretty much did what we set out to do, for those that wanted a follow up on that.

Right now my life is pretty much consumed by The Job Hunt. I HATE The Job Hunt. It is overwhelming, anxiety-inducing, AND it has led me to have THE WORST break-out of zits that I have ever had in my life. No exaggeration there. And I'm not just getting them on my face, either. It's incredibly sucktacular. (My computer does not recognize this adjective as a real word. It is trying to tell me I mean Unspectacular, semicircular, testicular, or muscularity. I don't mean any of those words. I mean SUCK-tacular.) Anyway, The Job Hunt has bore forth a few interviews and one offer, but it was a commission-sales job, which is something I can't handle right now. I am hoping for another offer at an all-new sandwich place called "Which Wich?" with in the week, so we'll see how that goes. Obviously I'm still applying for more places online and in person while I wait for this place to get back to me. I really want to work in the food business and if I don't have a job by the 10th, it's "Hello 2012, good-bye Orem."

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