Friday, December 23, 2011

Soo....It's been a little while...

Sometimes, when I am doing something productive, or when I'm not by a computer, I will remember that I do actually have a blog...And that I love my blog...But then when I get within a 15 foot radius of a computer, I forget immediately. So that is what happened to me over the past 4 or however many months.

College is okay, I guess, but I've decided that I want to spread my little baby bird wings and officially leave the nest. For my family, that just means that I don't want to be financed by my parents anymore. So. I have made the decision to work full-time and pull out of school for a little while. There are SO many details and thoughts that went into this huge decision, but I've gone over them so many times over the past couple weeks that I really don't feel like vomiting them out all over the internet at this time. Maybe later.

Now some of you in my imaginary audience may be wondering what my life is like in the land of Orem, Utah...The only thing I can really say is that SO many things have changed in just the past month of my life, I can hardly believe that I am the same person. I don't know if I've ever opened up so much to so many people at the same time. I trust my little circle of college buds so much, it's odd to think that we haven't known each other for eons. I've had so many more full-disclosure conversations with these people than with any other friends I think I have ever had. It's so strange.

I've really got to go wrap presents now. Merry Christmas!! We'll see if I can continue to write on this somewhat consistently...

Jenna Lyn

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