Monday, June 8, 2009


Yay! It's summer! It's been pretty good so far...I sold a bunch of cherries for money and I also get dough for doing extra work around the house. I get 6 bucks an hour and 3 dollars a pound. One of my new projects is to make an arrangement of songs for Daniel on projectplaylist before he comes home. It's pretty fun. He wants to have a movie marathon when he comes home of all the good movies that have come out after he left. I decided that he had to catch up on music too! I mean, you're missin' a lot of stuff when your in a 3rd worldish country for 2 years. Charles comes home next week and our family is really excited. so are the Bullochs, of course. We've been planning lots of get-togethers. The Friday after Charles gets home, we're having a pool party/bbq! Can't wait! I'm going to go see "Up" tonight with Josh and maybe some other people, if we can convince them to come! Whopee! Well, that's all that I can think of for now!

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